All my friends are in bar bands

Pictured above, Charlottesville monument to the 1st amendment, the freedom o’ speech wall (FOS).
I do not understand why the designers of this monument decided to use rough slate for a surface. The surface is terrible for any kind of work- text or illustration. The surface excels at grinding down pieces of chalk really quick, it is a gigantic stone hasp, it defeats rather than enables communication.

Sun King

furniture detail
The Sun King had many ailments during his lifetime consistent with diabetes: suppurating periostitis (1678), dental abscesses (1696), recurring boils, fainting spells, gout, dizziness, hot flushes, and headaches (cephalalgias).–Wikipedia


soda trash

Will the UVA Board of Visitors get sacked? Will President Sullivan be reinstated? How many ounces in a double big gulp? Summer in the little southern City.

day of rest

moma bear, papa bear, baby bear
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Rev John D Attaway Pastor, Route 21, Old North State.
A Christ-centered, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled body of believers seeking to proclaim the Word of God to the 21st Century

(Dawn spotted these, papa bear, momma bear and baby bear. Was the building on the right the original church and over time with the growth of the congregation the physical plant has been added onto?)

The three bears were originally bachelors