The giving tree

street stump
“Once there was a tree…and she loved a little boy.” Shel Silverstein.
In 1975 Charlottesville developed a street tree plan.
It was never implemented.
The way we get many of our street trees is making developers plant them,
when the development requires a site plan.
But when the required tree dies, does anyone replace it?
Street Stump!


this the time of year when smart folk leave town and even smarter ones stay behind to rewrite laws and approve development projects.
These are random empty chairs. Once upon a time there was a guideline at UVA hospital discouraging paintings/photographs from being displayed in the hospital that depicted empty chairs.

norelco… parts search

parts search
Welcome to Philips Chat, you’re chatting with Sarah. How may I help you?
Sarah: Hello William!
Sarah: How may I assist you?
William : Sarah, I want to buy a part for as Norelco razor, it is the bracket to which the shaver head attaches
Sarah: I’ll be glad to assist you with this.
Sarah: May I know the model number of your shaver?
Sarah: You will find model number at the back of the razor.
William : I have been on the website, that site didn’t like the model numbers which I provided
William : but, I’ll try again
Sarah: I’m sorry for the inconvenience that caused to you.
Sarah: I appreciate your cooperation in this issue.
William : 8240 XL/A sn#510182020 Head HQ Q, tried calling the 800-243-3050 number. This one is not old, it is a tiny little plastic piece, the battery is still good, I recently replaced the heads, I don’t like throwing things away that still have plenty of service life
William : HQ 9
Sarah: Thank you very much for the information.
William : I have a photo of the broken part, it is the part that the shaver head connects to, hinges to
Sarah: Please give me couple of minutes while I look into this for you.
Sarah: Thanks for waiting.
Sarah: I appreciate your patience.
William : my pleasure
Sarah: William, I tried checking at our fox international website but I’m unable to find part for you. However, I have found the required part on Amazon site.
Sarah: Please visit the following link:
Sarah: Please check if you are referring to the sam part.
Sarah: same*
William : Hey Sarah. I am looking for the part that the head-holder (links you sent) mounts to. It is a plastic part of the same general shape which is mounted to the body of the razor with two screws. I can send a picture.
Sarah: Would you be able to send me a weblink of that part?
William : oh, I can put it up on my blog, just a moment
Sarah: Sure.
William :
Sarah: Thank you.
Sarah: Let me check that for you.
Sarah: I will be right back.
William : so, you can see, in between the eyes and the mouth the two beveled places laterally where the screws go to mount unit to the body of razor. And up top, the horizontal slot what accepts the shaver head
Sarah: Thanks for waiting.
Sarah: William, I tried searching but I’m unable to find part for you.
Sarah: I apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.
Sarah: In this case, you can also contact our Order Desk team on 1-800-370-6369 to know the availability of the part.
Sarah: They are available from They are available: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm EST
Saturday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm EST
or email:
William : OK. I appreciate the options. I will try e-mailing our conversation to the sales folk and also crowd sourcing, asking the Internet, see if anyone in Internet land knows. Best regards and thanks for your help.