Bush Biden Everyman

George Herbert Walker Bush didn’t know the price of a gallon of milk whereas Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has noticed chips are getting more expensive. We can feel good about that.

$15.00 a pound

Ortega Point

old man and a river
Mr. Boutwell tends his waterfront tomatoes in Jacksonville Florida, 1980. In the 1930s people would dance on his dock at night. His first name was Mister to me. A very steady old man

pickup truck

tambourines, sistrums, cymbals, bull carcass, calf carcass, linen ephod, loaf of bread, cake of dates, cake of raisins, gold shields, articles of silver, articles of gold, articles of bronze, table, garments, sleeping mat, letter, cup, lotion, clothes, food, crown, iron picks, axes, bricks, bread, robe, ashes, clothes, two hundred shekels of human hair, chariot, robe, two hundred loaves of bread,