sunset ride

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riding west
Emma and Helen riding west, Slabtown road. Ten minutes to sunset. Helen back from Japan, no sleep for 24 hours.


Pines in situ and repurposed

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pine trees and power poles


Town Creek

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Charlottesville Tomorrow posted a slide show , one slide every 30 seconds, 6.5 mile trip down the Rivanna.



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The official boat of the Commonwealth of Virginia, who knew?
This this morning, 36 minutes after dawn, oyster time of year.


Undead yard ornament

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Former Slabtown neighbors had cut-out pastel porpoises on a stick welcoming inbound motorists. New neighbors installed an undead thing.



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Weldon Cooper CHO pop by nhood
The people at the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia have posted some fascinating information on demographic trends in the last ten years.
They did an extra fine job with the graphics, the information is readily accessible regarding population shifts, who is moving in, who is moving out. Shocking really.
In CHO, they say the average house price has doubled in the past ten years. Salaries sure haven’t.
And while people are moving into CHO and AlbCo, people in the Slabtown county are moving out.

boarded up house


slabtown dawn

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We pause to express our deep gratitude for the many blessings we enjoy. Give us the strength and the wisdom to demonstrate that gratitude in thoughts and words and deeds acceptable to you. Protect our absent loved ones and protect this family circle with everlasting love.–Charlie Murchison


day of rest

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slabtown road



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Lighter than air craft headed for calmer skies, bearing west. This was August 26, above the Mattaponi Bridge on Rt. 360, near Aylett, VA.

Friday was a sultry day, high humidity. I didn’t irrigate the trees, the weather forecast claims that won’t be necessary.

Irene’s rainy self arrived around dawn on Town Creek. At high tide (1000hrs), this boat which usually hangs four feet above the water was floating. Everything is getting power-washed. Steady winds from the northeast. Reminds me of Solaris and Water World. Hoping that Irene will stay good tempered.


Town Creek

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Terry's boat

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