Keysers Cove

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stream in winter

Bernard had the cove dredged in the 60’s, built a little boathouse for his similarly sized dead rise. Years passed. The cove got shallower, Bernard got older. Geese took over, Bernard died. Wind blew all the water away. A polite snow fell. Tomorrow it all starts over.


Town Creek

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Town Creek frozen

two days maintaining power company connection, white pine v utility pole, white pine won


Town Creek

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hpe on the Callis oyster bar

Could I swim to Weems? To the far shore. Water temperature 42 degrees Farenheit. Didn’t try.


jimmies and sooks

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outdoor bathroom sign
Jimmies and sooks, Chesapeake waterman lingo for the male and female blue crabs Callinectes sapidus


east china sea + town creek

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west view toward china
Anna, Emma and Helen on the East China Sea side of Okinawa.

oyster house
High high tide yesterday in Virginia, harvest moon. Coastal flooding in Slabtown.Town Creek rising up around the eastern elevation of Callis oyster house


Myer Creek Road

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clouds treeline soybeans
Away from pestilence, brutality and overcrowding, for the moment.


Millenbeck Road

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Lancaster County has a population density of appx 48 people per square mile. Charlottesville’s density is about ninety times Lancaster’s.


Town Creek

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Town Creek sunset
paddling at sunset


River Road

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Route 354, Lancaster County, Virginia


the fate of country stores

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R&K store
the former R&K store, River Road, Lancaster County

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