If the house was on fire and I could rescue a limited number of photos, which are my favorites, what should I grab? I am going to create a new category, favorites, try to figure this out.

Running dogs

Running dog is a pejorative term for an unprincipled person who helps or flatters those who are more powerful and often evil. It is a literal translation of the Chinese pejorative 走狗 (pinyin: zǒugǒu), meaning a yes-man or lackey.–Wikipedia
“Running dogs” is a description of the picture above.

end of the road

biking in the highway
Approaching the end of route 354, River Road.
bikers not on bikes
The end of the road is the beginning of the road depending on direction of travel.
norris bridge corrotoman rappahannock white house creek
prizes at the end of the road vary. this time the prize is silence.