Nuttsville, Virginia

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nuttsville sign
The average temperature of Nuttsville is 58.05°F, which is higher than the Virginia average temperature of 55.54°F
and is higher than the national average temperature of 54.45°F.–USA.com


day of rest

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Slabtown Road, Lancaster, Virginia



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treat them like idiots
Chuck Marohn has an excellent podcast on the Strong Towns
site, a conversation with Ben Hamilton-Baillie, street designer and shared space advocate.
Marohn and H-B talk street design, traffic engineering and human psychology.

Streets and their sidewalks, the main public places of a city, are its most vital organs.–Jane Jacobs
The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Chapter 2

Streets define our cities. Learn about them…



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tire in the sidewalk
1. enjoying personal rights or liberty, as a person who is not in slavery: a land of free people.
2. pertaining to or reserved for those who enjoy personal liberty: They were thankful to be living on free soil.
3. existing under, characterized by, or possessing civil and political liberties that are, as a rule, constitutionally guaranteed by representative government: the free nations of the world.
4. enjoying political autonomy, as a people or country not under foreign rule; independent.
5. exempt from external authority, interference, restriction, etc., as a person or one’s will, thought, choice, action, etc.; independent; unrestricted.
6. able to do something at will; at liberty: free to choose.
7. clear of obstructions or obstacles, as a road or corridor: The highway is now free of fallen rock.
8. not occupied or in use: I’ll try to phone her again if the line is free.
9. exempt or released from something specified that controls, restrains, burdens, etc. (usually followed by from or of ): free from worry; free of taxes.
10. having immunity or being safe (usually followed by from ): free from danger.
11. provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment: free parking; a free sample.
2007 Free
2010 Free
2012 Free


First world problems

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no crap sign, art really

riverbend condos

not as artful


High Energy Physics Lab

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mixed message
Glad it is a lab and not a sign design shop?


winter is coming

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bank owned cornfield
Glass half empty. FSW would preface his comments to the Farm crew the day after the solstice with some reference to the oncoming winter, days getting shorter.
At the highpoint of summer seeing snow and death.


stranger in a strange land

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roadside from the moving car
Translation appreciated.



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east on market south on franklin
Tiptoe in on 18 wheels

The City has put up signage but it is of the advisory type. Doesn’t speak to the wallet. Steve contradicts the GPS, free
pedestrian advice to errant drivers.

right turn on the framework street
This truck was starting to turn turtle. Its drive wheels were no longer in contact with the pavement. Teetering between
two historic properties, the Pireus store (ca 1847) and the Woolen Mills Chapel (ca 1886).

John Warner Parkway
In the future possibly the City will consider one of these signs, here protecting the John Warner Parkway.
Discipline vehicles. Context sensitive. Note to City regarding context: the Woolen Mills is a city treasure,
not a high speed industrial corridor. People old and young, walking, biking and driving.
Those with the most power, in the neighborhood context, should yield to those with the least.


the culture or the madness?

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spidey and mary jane

Indeed, as important as it is to understand Rodger’s actions within the context of the mental illness he clearly suffered,
it’s just as clear that his delusions were inflated, if not created, by the entertainment industry he grew up in.–Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

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