406 Benefit Street

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sign Providence RI

Effective graphic arts, simple, beautiful, driven by a concept, done!


Yes we can

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south coast sign

A new phrase make its way into common use.



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Pottersville sign

The places we live naturally decline without care and feeding from residents and good work by elected government.


Gallus gallus domesticus Rhode Island State bird

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Monument in Adamsville

In 1925, the Rhode Island Red Club of America donated funds for this elegant monument to the Rhode Island Red in Adamsville. (The monument is now on the National Register of Historic Places.) Rhode Island is one of only three state birds that is not a species native to the United States.–Wikipedia


Lady Bird Johnson would be pleased

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planting trees

The Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards are working with the Charlottesville Tree Commission, VDOT, Albemarle County, Monticello, and Piedmont Community College to plant trees in the median of Route 20 between the City Limits and Route 53, roughly 80 total, over the next 2-3 years.

toting q. bicolor

Tree Commissioner Paul Josey and Charlottesville Planning Commissioner Jody Lahendro shoulder a swamp white oak across Moores Creek. Landscape Architect Paul Josey is the person who created and fought for this project. Lahendro has advocated for an increase in CIP outlays to plant trees in the City.

bare root q.bicolor

The first phase is entirely funded by the Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards, and trees are being purchased from Bremo nursery, which is donating one of the Swamp White Oaks.

working in the median

Working in the median is challenging.

many hands, still hard work

These trees will help to retain rainwater, create habitat and food for birds, clean the air, and improve the scenery along this roadway.

tree stewards at work

To become a tree steward, you must first complete the training class. The class is a 10-week course consisting of lectures on a variety of topics as well as several field trips with information on tree identification and pruning techniques.


Ann-Marie’s car

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bumper stickers

co-workers car. Eastham Engineering was an intellectually stimulating work place, far ranging philosophical discussions daily.


bad water

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bad water sign

I am going to pass



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defending the perimeter

First world problems


historic understatement

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little historic marker

sign set in the sidewalk, east edge of Park Street adjacent to the Albemarle County Courthouse


Terrace Theater

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Terrace theater

1989? Domestic vehicles in evidence.

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