on the road to Lucinda

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Mailpouch Tobacco

Snow! 233 miles north of Charlottesville, April 22, route 66, on the road to Lucinda. Clarion County is one county away from the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Snow melt here flows through New Orleans.



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grayed out

First rollicking thunderstorm of 2015. Trees stayed connected to the ground but the world more than 15 yards away disappeared behind the rain.
Electricity went away for twelve hours. Can of tuna for dinner.

electric danger sign

Walked the power line for a distance, couldn’t find where it was downed.


Mall Hugger

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mall hugger

Call me old fashioned. A free opportunity in which I wasn’t willing to engage. I scurried off.

Trust. I’ll trust you. Will you trust me? Doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, why you’re here. Bring your heart-SHARE A HUG!
“In a time with so much division and fear, maybe the most revolutionary and helpful thing we can do is give each other a hug.”–The sign says

Vegas 2011

This sign in Vegas, 2011, eyes wide open.


truth in advertising

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true that


ground fog

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groundfog railroad tracks

snow + warm front = groundfog


sign spinner

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Mannequin- n. 1.
a styled and three-dimensional representation of the human form used in window displays, as of clothing; dummy.
Two years ago there was a real human spinning the sign, now they have a dummy.


got work?

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E Market Street

did anyone call? Wondering if this method panned out.



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numbered rocks

Sufferers may for instance feel compelled to count the steps while ascending or descending a flight of stairs or to count the number of letters in words. They often feel it is necessary to perform an action a certain number of times to prevent alleged calamities. Other examples include counting tiles on the floor or ceiling, the number of lines on the highway, or simply the number of times one breathes or blinks–Wikipedia


Alosa pseudoharengus

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westport river

Alewives reach a maximum length of about 40 centimeters (16 in), but have an average length of about 25 centimeters (10 inches). The front of the body is deep and larger than other fish found in the same waters, and its common name is said to come from comparison with a corpulent female tavernkeeper (“ale-wife”).
Alewives are perhaps best known for their invasion of the Great Lakes by using the Welland Canal to bypass Niagara Falls.–Wikipedia

alewife, kiack, gaspereau, sawbelly, mooneye


strip mall backside

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albemarle square backside

the backside of this local mall is more interesting to look at than its front side

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