sometime the advertising doesn’t hold under scrutiny

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almost anytime

almost anytime except this afternoon


the day after

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I expected more election activity on the street in Huey Pierce Long’s homestate.
No one handing out walking around money, could hardly tell an election was happening
except on TV where the heads were screaming.

rabbit ears NoLA
Rabbit Ears, 8225 Oak Street


Midterm election

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UR missing
Politics, Charlottesville style.


hot now

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hot light, krispy kreme
Learned about the “hot light” in Raleigh, NC. Krispy Kreme fires up a “hot now” neon light when they birth a new batch of their glazed doughnuts. Natch, they have an app.


Lucky Seven

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welcome signs
Welcome ye who enter


three seconds

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3 sec dog sign
Canine notice.


Sad Town

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Charlottesville Police Dept front door

People still looking for Hannah Graham. No joy in CHO.


sprinkler control room

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sprinkler control room sign
place of mystery


jimmies and sooks

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outdoor bathroom sign
Jimmies and sooks, Chesapeake waterman lingo for the male and female blue crabs Callinectes sapidus


venus fly truck

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truck gravity trap
About once a month we catch a truck here. The City has signs posted discouraging
18 wheelers from rolling through the neighborhood, but the signs are advisory in nature, no bite.
But for those who venture in, there are gravity traps, constrained roadways
and Crazy neighbors with pitchforks


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