Odocoileus virginianus

4 lane 35mph
A pedestrian has a 3.5% chance of being killed by a vehicle traveling at fifteen miles per hour, but the likelihood of death increases to 37% when the vehicle is traveling at thirty-one miles per hour and to 83% when the vehicle is traveling at forty-four miles per hour.–Why Pedestrian-Friendly Street Design is Not Negligent Michael Lewyn

highway man

rest stop getting there or over
Citizen in distress or a hustle? The narrative is “my car is overheating. Can you give me a couple of bucks? I need antifreeze. If I add water it boils out but antifreeze doesn’t boil out until 400 degrees. I wired the fan so it runs all the time but the car still overheats. I just need to get to Kissimmee.” This in a rest stop on I-4 north of Orlando.