under the asphalt

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peebles block portsmouth ohio
Paving bricks are larger…typically 9 ” by 4 “, and much heavier.  One paving brick weighs almost 10 lbs each.  They have at least twice the “crush strength” of typical bricks, and are fired at a higher temperature, which results in an exterior coating that makes them more impervious to water.–Keith

(in the course of infrastructure changes on W Main some of Charlottesville’s old road history is unearthed, paving brick)


light at the end of the tunnel

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midtown tunnel
Norfolk, Virginia


Stingray Point

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rappahannock river, norris bridge, looking downriver



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This time of year Frank points out that the hours of daylight are decreasing… “it’ll be winter soon.”


PA I-81

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semi in the air
This in Pennsylvania. They keep the trees in another part of the state.


short track

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short track
Joining one track, side track, fast track, back track, alternate track, main track, keep track, needle track



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on the road to a new MCAS
(take the same pictures again and again)


Newburgh-Beacon Bridge

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…but the newer span is made of “rusting” steel, (believed to be COR-TEN or a similar material although sources are not clear) which surface corrodes to a brown color and does not need painting as corrosion does not go deeper. On November 1, 1980, this second, parallel span, also designed by Modjeski & Masters but constructed by American Bridge Company, was opened to traffic.– Wikipedia



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There are parts of Providence RI where there are street trees every thirty feet. This not on of those parts.


empty highway

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the day after we buried my sister my mom and I drove back down the road

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