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Mississippi river delta

LA Route 39? Was hoping to bike out this way. Never made it.


in a van down by the river

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left bank

left bank


Rivanna Renaissance

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Rivanna River Woolen Mills

“The degradation of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem took place more than two centuries; it will take more than three decades to reverse. The newly signed Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement—with its clear, well-defined and achievable goals and outcomes, its flexibility to respond and adapt to changing conditions and its public engagement—sets the course and provides the watershedwide commitment to get us there.”–Nicholas DiPasquale, Director of the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program (left, DiPasquale paddling the Rivanna, October 1)
DiPasquale one of the speakers at today’s Rivanna Renaissance conference.


Rivanna River

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Rivanna river

Charlottesville and Albemarle officials meet today, discussing the courts, regional transit and the Rivanna River. 3:00 CitySpace, 100 5th Street Northeast


flat water

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kayak corrotoman

Staycation. This flatwater is 109 miles east but Charlottesville Albemarle has plenty of the same + mountain views. Get out on the water! Call Rivanna River Company


Loch Ness Sophie

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Town Creek

Sophie hangs in. Her frame shrinks and her tumors grow. She can’t do more than two stairs in a row. Her spine is visible. Muscle mass gone. A quarter mile now is a Very Long walk. But her will to live remains. Yesterday, imitating Nessie.

As I’ve said before, a dog can’t change the world but they can change your world. And if each of us can pass along even a fraction of the unmitigated, world changing love we receive from our dogs? Maybe we can see about that whole changing the world thing.–Will and Eko


Corrotoman River clouds

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Looking toward Weems, Virginia

Looking toward Weems, Virginia


old dogs

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town creek

A decade earlier we jumped in the water. Now we look at the water.


magical mystery tour

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environmental protection area

May 15 Woolen Mills residents take a guided tour of the environmental protection area next to Moores Creek with Andrea Terry of RWSA. Native people lived just north of here. Split when Europeans arrived.



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Andrea Terry of RWSA is leading a tour of the Moores Creek Environmental Preservation Area, Friday May 15.
Meet at the Franklin Street wetland gate ( north of the stockyard) at 10:00 AM. (near 706 Franklin ST).
This is the hardwood wetland that was built to mitigate loss of wetlands with
the expansion of Ragged Mountain reservoir.
Rubber boots are advised.
Please RSVP to aterry(at)rwsa.org.

Palustris is a Latin word meaning “swampy” or “marshy”. It is often used in taxonomy for species names
typically in scientific names for animals and plants to refer to the typical habitat of the species.–Wikipedia

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