Fred Payne

Fred Payne file photo April 09

Supervisors voted unanimously Wednesday (July 3) to hold a public hearing on Aqua Virginia’s proposal to provide water and sewer to Zion Crossroads – though the county administrator and country attorney strongly oppose the plan.–Fluvanna Review

Interesting story out of Fluvanna County. (Jobs, water, rivalry, not listening to the attorney… Fluvanna Review has the story)


My favorite aspect of the Look3 festival is hearing photographers talk. They’d run slides while the photographer on the spot would converse with an interviewer. Honesty, humility and reverence made multiple appearances during these conversations: the format is revelatory, productive and beautiful.
Local resident, photographer and National Geographic photography editor at large, Nick Nichols, was one of those interviewed. Pausing here as he prepared to exit stage right.