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Corrotoman River

In his happy place, on a boat, on the water



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Frank Borden Hanes

a flurry of flickers, a flush of jaybirds and a squirrel. Always watching.


old soldier, Carl D. Proffitt

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Chubby fetches the DP

Olive and Chubby built their Woolen Mills house in 1939. I admire his service record. Daily Progress has that story.

2009 Dogwood Festival Parade

Additionally, I admire his persistence, his neighborliness. He always had a kind word. He lived on, beyond Olive, beyond five siblings. It takes a lot of courage to age in place. Chubby Proffitt had courage.


B.B. King

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Long long ago. U.Hall, Charlottesville, VA. 1971?



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Mike Signer

Politics in our ten square mile pond is fascinating. In the big water,
state, national, there is a money at play. But in the little pond, it’s about vision, quality of life,
having principals and living by them, wanting to make your home better.

Charlottesville Tomorrow has the story.
Mike Signer


Wes Bellamy

These candidates are exemplary. They care deeply about their community.
Charlottesville Tomorrow has the story.
Wes Bellamy

Lena Seville

Many different paths lead to a councilmanic run. The candidates are activists: for community engagement, for the environment, for historic preservation, for clean safe streets, for better schools.
Charlottesville Tomorrow has the story.
Lena Seville

Dede Smith

Two of the candidates are incumbents. They’ve worked their way through a multitude of meetings in the past four years. Fielded thousands of e-mails. Met with citizens, made site visits. Stayed up late. Read thousands of pages of staff reports. It’s not easy.
Charlottesville Tomorrow has the story.
Dede Smith

Kathy Galvin

In a small pond like ours the candidates have guts, and there is little glory in the offing. No one has an office decorated in the style of Downton Abbey. The Councilors give us their work and selfless dedication, to make our town a better place.
Charlottesville Tomorrow has the story.
Kathy Galvin



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Dave Norris

I took me awhile to realize the photo above was of the former Mayor of our City. Gravitas!


Spencer house

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woolen mills neighbor

The house at 1809 East Market Street (DHR # 002-1260-0073) was
built in two stages, the second addition sitting almost on the street. Its lot retains its original one-acre as platted and sold in 1887 in addition to a portion to the north.
The house consists of two parts: a two-story, three-bay, hipped-roof, frame, vernacular I-house sitting right on East Market Street and a two-story, hipped-roof section attached to the north elevation. The rear section raised on a high English basement.
Louis, working at night.



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very black and white shirt

very black and white shirt



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Celebration of Life! On Sunday, December 14 from 10am-2pm
there will be a Celebration of Ian Robertson’s life and accomplishments at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.
The Henry M. Flagler Perennial Garden at LWBG, one of the earliest developed areas,
was created by Ian.
Please join family and friends in this celebration.
Friends of Ian Robertson



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Hunter, mountain man, teacher, friend, farmer

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