I heard tonight that a friend died.
being on earth, being together, is the greatest gift
Pay attention to people. Love each other.

Ethel, Jimmy and two guys

directing traffic
My coworker from University Diner, Ethel at her 2nd job with the CPD. She was a force of nature. All business. Don’t cross her don’t boss her.
James Earl Carter Jr.
My president, Jimmy.
old style
February 9, 1987 President Carter came to town, the people turned out.


“Shack was often described as larger than life, irrepressible and one of a kind, and he was known for his indomitable spirit, high energy level and infectious enthusiasm. These traits co-existed with a genuine kindness, a quiet gentleness, a genteel demeanor and a generous and joyful heart. It is his heart for which he will be most remembered.”