got work?

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E Market Street

did anyone call? Wondering if this method panned out.



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cobra style drop lens and hood

the grim reaper walks her dog



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unshielded luminaire

The nature of lighting has a major effect on mood and the ability of sighted creatures to navigate. Fortunately humans are only in charge of lighting at night.


day of rest

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northumberland county dusk
somewhere in Norththumberland…


Gallus gallus domesticus

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night rooster
night rooster, somewhere in New Orleans


Lucky Seven

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welcome signs
Welcome ye who enter


sprinkler control room

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sprinkler control room sign
place of mystery



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freedom of speech wall
The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression installed a First Amendment Monument in our City, it is a monolith, 54 feet long, 7.5 feet high.
Faced with slate. It was a good idea. But the execution, the slate is very roughly finished,
not like a chalkboard at all, it is a difficult surface to write on. Try writing on toilet paper with a quill pen, it’s like that. The wrong surface. What was the architects’ intent?


Magazine Street

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1600 Magazine Street



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deaf child sign
Post-prandial walk down Dublin street. The road surface is a composition of many materials, oyster shells, Portland cement, river gravel, asphalt, crushed rock, sand, tar. The patches are numerous, their levels and texture vary. The street is one continuous speed bump. It works ok for a biped or vehicles moving slowly. The final result is a street where vehicles seem to be aware of pedestrians and bicycle traffic. I haven’t seen anyone driving and texting simultaneously.

used to wave my fingers in front of my face to stop the ceiling fan blades. This video from Canon G-10 does one better with the Dash 8 300

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