day of rest

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civil twilight, Northern Neck

Christ welcomes all, so do we. Heathsville United Methodist Church


rolling stock

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railyard at night

tanker cars, railyard, New Orleans, night


in a van down by the river

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left bank

left bank


web architecture

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spider night

orb-web spider.
Unlike most arthropods, spiders have no extensor muscles in their limbs and instead extend them by hydraulic pressure–Wikipedia



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remains of GEC fire

burning brush at night


Southwest Mountains night sky

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Southwest Mountains, night + CHO sky glow.

Southwest Mountains, night + CHO sky glow.

The Southwest Mountains of Virginia are a mountain range centered on Charlottesville, parallel to and geologically associated with the Blue Ridge Mountains, which lie about 30 miles (50 km) to the west. Some of the more prominent peaks include Carters Mountains, Fan Mountain, Brush Mountain, Peters Mountain, Walton’s Mountain, and Hightop Mountain.–Wikipedia


distant storm

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Town Creek night

the well mannered thunderstorm, produced a quarter inch of rain, light wind and a little cloud illumination.


Bass + b&w

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Larry Fink Beats show

Exhibition cave in the BankAmerica building, Charlottesville. Magical setting for images by Larry Fink.


where is the light switch?

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CHO Mayor Huja silhouette

The City of Charlottesville is a quarter finalist in the Georgetown University Energy Prize, a nationwide competition for small-to-medium sized
communities to compete to win a $5 million grand prize by saving energy.
The Council meets tomorrow afternoon for a budget work session.

While operating 6016 streetlights, the City doesn’t appear to have an IES certified individual (Illuminating Engineering Society) on staff.
Who is in charge of the lighting? Who directs spending in this arena to make sure we get best lighting for dollars spent?
Who knows how many dollars are spent on lighting?
There are forms available to request the addition of streetlights, drop lens, highway-style fixtures, but
no one knows where the light switch is, where the form is to request the removal of lighting.
We submitted a dark-skies petition in 2000 trying to reclaim the night..
(read Janis Jaquith’s essay “Turn Off The Lights”)


got work?

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E Market Street

did anyone call? Wondering if this method panned out.

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