Branta canadensis

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downtown mall

Friday morning, snow quietly begins in Charlottesville

Riverview Park, Saturday.

Saturday was another story. Cold, snow blowing.

I ran into some folk on the Rivanna trail wearing snow shoes.

I ran into some folk on the Rivanna trail wearing snow shoes.

woolen mills chapel

Skiers from Fifeville

playing with gravity

Non-city sanctioned, recreation in the street. My favorite aspect of a snow storm, bipeds reclaim the commons, temporarily people, rule.

C&O CSX Buckingham Bramch

C&O railroad bridge, Moores Creek. Anyone know what year this was built?

snow load

Woolen Mills roofs, Alexander, Milby, Hudson, Timberlake…

snow shovelers walk the street

Momentary uptick in entrepreneurial activity.



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riverview cemetery dawn

THE RIVERVIEW CEMETERY COMPANY was incorporated by a group of local businessmen on December 29, 1892 with a mission to establish a cemetery “near and convenient” to the City of Charlottesville and properly ornamented with “trees, shrubbery or flowers.” In February 1892 the Company made its first land purchase of 27.95 acres from the Charlottesville Land Company for $6,987.50. Riverview continued to amass small quantities of land over the years from neighboring lot owners, residents and the Albemarle Golf Club on its western border. Local residents Henry Clay Marchant, Mrs. M.J. Burgess and J.S. Barksdale purchased the first burial plots on December 6, 1894. Seventeen more were sold between 1894 and 1899, several to board members and officers of the Cemetery Company.–Lara Day Kozak


Franklin sidewalk

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Franklin wall provides refuge

October 2014, City Council voted to install pedestrian provisions and address truck traffic on Franklin Street. I wonder how that is going?


Rivanna Renaissance

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Rivanna River Woolen Mills

“The degradation of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem took place more than two centuries; it will take more than three decades to reverse. The newly signed Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement—with its clear, well-defined and achievable goals and outcomes, its flexibility to respond and adapt to changing conditions and its public engagement—sets the course and provides the watershedwide commitment to get us there.”–Nicholas DiPasquale, Director of the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program (left, DiPasquale paddling the Rivanna, October 1)
DiPasquale one of the speakers at today’s Rivanna Renaissance conference.


Steel Road

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railroad maintenance

Railroad crew makes repairs to the CSX/Buckingham Branch bridge over Moores Creek. This route attracted the incendiary attention of General Sheridan’s subordinates in the 1860’s.


Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

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Miss Chelsea

SAK Construction’s TBM, Miss Chelsea is on the move, headed NNE, grinding through 1700+ feet of bedrock, going where no one has gone before.
Interesting boring job.

operator conveyance

Drive to work, ride the man-basket down into the hole, fire up the TBM. How is the machine moved forward? What protective gear does the operator wear? At the moment it’s a horizontal short walk (100+ feet) from the tunnel entrance to Ms. Chelsea. Later on it’ll be longer. Bike to work? What is the lighting like in there? Any chance of a live video feed?


old soldier, Carl D. Proffitt

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Chubby fetches the DP

Olive and Chubby built their Woolen Mills house in 1939. I admire his service record. Daily Progress has that story.

2009 Dogwood Festival Parade

Additionally, I admire his persistence, his neighborliness. He always had a kind word. He lived on, beyond Olive, beyond five siblings. It takes a lot of courage to age in place. Chubby Proffitt had courage.


A million cubic feet

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CAT 740B

Work was paused temporarily Monday at RWSA’s excavation for members of the public to visit the site, the location of the future Rivanna pumping station.

nobody looks good in a hardhat

First up. Schooling from Dr. Richard Gullick on this great project, using gravity to transport waste water to the sewage plant instead of building a massive pump station adjacent to residences, a state scenic river and a park. The influent to the new pumping station will flow through a pipe in a tunnel bored through 1600 feet of bedrock.

big hole

Attendees at the edge of the excavation.

release the Kraken!

The tunnel boring machine, the mechanical star in our community drama of doing the best, not the cheapest, thing. Enduring thanks to the public and the RWSA Board for this outcome.


magical mystery tour

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environmental protection area

May 15 Woolen Mills residents take a guided tour of the environmental protection area next to Moores Creek with Andrea Terry of RWSA. Native people lived just north of here. Split when Europeans arrived.


words are wind

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Market Street plan

Meetings I remember. Huge category. This the meeting that laid out improvements to Market Street east of Meade Avenue. Plantings, stormwater BMPs, profile changes. I’d been canvassing residents of the street the day before (9/7/2008), encouraging their attendance at the meeting. Charles said he wasn’t coming, a waste of time: “the City will never do this for us, it’s all about the money, the river will rise up and wash us away.” I tried to persuade him, encouraging him to be more sanguine.
Hey Charles! You were right. The improvements weren’t forthcoming.

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