Usually, this time of morning Tilly would be taking a dip in the Rivanna
dog on stretcher
This morning she is at the emergency vet’s
Gastrointestinal challenges, led to a gastrotomy yesterday. Praying for her recovery.


On the far side of a room, in twilight, in smoke.

Dave Matthews’ cottage, May 18, 1971

Southside, making a home, clean orderly safe.
Best friends
visiting in CHO 1982
Millenbeck Road, Slabtown
reflecting, sustaining
every move a new adventure
riding the elevator with Sophia
emma sophie emma
where is comfort?
where is meaning?
Christmas morning
where joy, where love?



Christopher Robin visit Glendale
Chris and Austin
Austin graduates
Christopher and Dylan at Austin’s wedding. In the blink of an eye. Christopher, a kind, gentle, skilled and wonderful man. Farewell.


Sophie walking across Maryland
Sophie had sensitive feet. Particularly she struggled with the rock salt we’d encounter in Providence. The boots in this case were to protect super flimsy tent floor…