Calm mind agitated mind

Thank you very much.
Are not Americans natives of the world ? This is Hindu, Hindu Om.
We should realize oneness of humanity. Mentally, physically and emotionally we are all the same. Happy life deserved by everybody.

To become genuine practitioner…We need some effort to bring full conviction, the practice of compassion and love, loving kindness, these things are of immense benefit to oneself and to others.

(Muki the bomb dog, checking for explosives and firearms)

We human beings a social animal, every survivor depends on the rest of the community. Friendship, spiritual cooperation, very essential. me me me totally against reality. Result, lonely.

Happy community, happy society. Among your neighbors that Family who have real human affection among their members, that family no matter how poor or how difficult things it is, that family actually much happier than those families, very powerful very rich but lack all inner peace, unhappy.

(Crowd control and client protection is easier with no client and a small crowd.)

(mindfulness is critical in this and every moment)