day of rest

woolen mills sunday school picnic
Victoria Dunham and I are doing a presentation of the Woolen Mills Village and WM Neighborhood this afternoon. Arg. Some technology involved. HDMI, UDF, MP4, codecs. Crazy modern stuff.
I went for a walk in the brilliant morning light, in the graveyard. I know a lot of people in graveyards. In the memory business. In the learning business. Learning from the lives of others, learning from our own, it is important, joyful and simultaneously very very sad.
Talk is at Cville Coffee, 1500hrs.

God’s Poem Writer

Harold Jerome Arnold GPW
Bumped into God’s Poem Writer, Harry Jerome Arnold, Saturday. He is still writing, pursuing his ministry, trying to explain that there are consequences for behaving badly…
Anyone with a small publishing firm is encouraged to contact Harry. He has a catalog of poems on the subject. He is not looking for riches, he is working to warn people. There is love and there is fire.
fragment, letter from hell 001
A fragment, more of his work is visible here.