into the west

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helen emma carters mountain

Helen headed to the other side of the world.


part way

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silhouette priest

Walked on the Appalachian Trail, part of the way up the Priest

up and down

graph of up and down


Helen and Emma saw me struggling, I didn’t have adequate clothing. Took me home before I could get hurt.


time machine

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Wren's crew

The James River south-side naturalist crew. Howard and I are holding the needles, maybe that explains our serious countenance. I am the youngest. The others seem more at ease, arrayed behind a line of pine cones. Kimmy, Betsy, Wren and Gray. I want to go on a vacation in April and walk with Robin in a forest, hang out with amazing trees. Hear Gray in the windsong. Please advise..


John and Edward

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John & Edward


Tuesday Before Christmas Hamburger Club

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Sophie's pack profile

profile shot


Thanksgiving day

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cousins, Northern Neck of Virginia

cousins, Northern Neck of Virginia


Day of Rest

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Montague Chapel, All Saints’ Day Service


hurt paw

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v70 console hand cane

time inexorable


mother’s day

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working on a marker
Working on a marker. Type here not quite right. Time flies. Love the people you love.


Frank and Robin

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Frank and Robin
Scanned a black and white negative this morning. Apple Inc is making this hard to do. If I were to upgrade
beyond OS 10.6.8 my scanner would turn into a brick.
It was a delight to have no processing choices regarding color.
The Tri-X decided.

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