Thanksgiving day

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cousins, Northern Neck of Virginia

cousins, Northern Neck of Virginia


Day of Rest

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Montague Chapel, All Saints’ Day Service


hurt paw

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v70 console hand cane

time inexorable


mother’s day

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working on a marker
Working on a marker. Type here not quite right. Time flies. Love the people you love.


Frank and Robin

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Frank and Robin
Scanned a black and white negative this morning. Apple Inc is making this hard to do. If I were to upgrade
beyond OS 10.6.8 my scanner would turn into a brick.
It was a delight to have no processing choices regarding color.
The Tri-X decided.


time machine

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mother reading animals to her daughter
Found this cut down contact print, slightly larger than a postage stamp, my mom reading about animals to my sister in 1953.



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bill emory and sam coale
EG’s tribe gathered, from Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Washington State, Florida, Mexico, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Illinois,
from Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Warrenton, Marshall, Brooklyn, from the other side. Very sweet couple of days.
Train whistles, crows, a bluff over the James River, special grave dirt, wonderful clergy,
cellist from the Richmond Symphony.
Emma read a poem. Gary and Sam spoke to EG’s character, Ned, Weezie and Scott read from the Bible.


day of rest

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mother to her daughter

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What will you take from me
For your wayfaring?
What shall I have to give
You would be sharing?

When you are lonely,
Travelling long,
When your feet falter
You will need song.

Music to march by,
Silver and gold,
Fire for warming you
If it be cold;

These things will comfort you,
Carry you far
On the road you are going.
But if a star

Tempt you to follow,
Wings will be needed,
Wings for your flying,
Strong, unimpeded.

These I have fashioned
From pinions of light,
Caught as they fell
From a swift bird in flight.

I give you for courage
A light heart that sings,
And I who have never flown,
Give you my wings.–Emma Gray Trigg


I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains

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1968 maggie belle nan bill ege
one of the chromes. 1968.

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