sweet shisa

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sweet shisa
Kyuyo Street. Sweet shisa.

When in pairs, the left shisa traditionally has a closed mouth, the right one an open mouth.
The open mouth wards off evil spirits, and the closed mouth keeps good spirits in.–Wikipedia



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big head david on a stump
Jefferson Park Avenue



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angel swan point
made it home in one piece


Stuffed manimals

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historic manimals
Sitting on a shelf at Burnley Moran Elementary School, Charlottesville, VA. I think the 2nd figure from the left is local grandee Th. Jefferson.
3rd from the left whichever indigenous princess wore her hair in a ponytail. To the far right, US Representative David Stern Crockett (the hat).
That leaves two, an unsmiling man/woman far left and an African American male. ID help please.

Burnley-Moran was built in 1954. It takes its name from the first two women to head Charlottesville schools. Carrie Burnley was principal of McGuffey School for twenty-eight years, and Serepta Moran was principal of Venable School for twenty-one years. The mascot is the bobcat.–Cvillepedia



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Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters, abbreviated CHKD. Kind and thorough people, compassion and details. Which King? Which daughters? All children.


Jefferson and The Americans

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self portrait with Th NMI JeffersonMr. Jefferson photographed with a mobile phone.


art thievery

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Potential source of injury, 1/2″ emt, capped with protective doll heads.

Doll heads were judged too valuable, replaced with tennis balls.
Tennis balls were stolen by pedestrians, the very class of people they were intended to protect.



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her strange beauty

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seasonal attire v summer



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xmas man
Wouldn’t really blame Santa for staying home this year. Lot of sadness in the world. Get back in bed and pull the covers over your head Bigman.

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