Sus scrofa

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Brooks Hall UVA
Wild wild boar


Vulpes vulpes fulves

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american red fox
American red fox


day of rest

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Wings of stone. Cemetery near Carrolton.


Bourbon Street morning

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attractive corporate spokesperson
The paved right of way of Bourbon Street is 21 feet wide.


the day after

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I expected more election activity on the street in Huey Pierce Long’s homestate.
No one handing out walking around money, could hardly tell an election was happening
except on TV where the heads were screaming.

rabbit ears NoLA
Rabbit Ears, 8225 Oak Street


Louis Armstrong International Airport

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yah welcome to NoLA


Stay Puft

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stay puft figure
Vernon Rudolph started making doughnuts in Old Salem (Winston-Salem) NC, in the summer of 1937.
Don’t know when Mr. Stay Puft began working with Krispy Kreme or how much he,
or Dan Aykroyd or Ghostbusters make from the deal.

Dan Aykroyd conceived of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for his initial script for Ghostbusters
the movie. He created the character to show that “it seems harmless and puff and cuteā€”but given
the right circumstances, everything can be turned back and become evil”–Wikipedia



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roadside art


founding fathers

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garveyard at Montpelier
I wonder what the founding fathers wore when they were relaxing. Their version of tennis shoes and shorts.

rmw and TJ feet
The Monticello visitors center has a statue of Th. Jefferson, telescope in hand, next to where the
shuttle bus loads. Visitors can stand next to the man, see how they measure up.


guard doll

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15:10 minutes of daylight today. Double shift.

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