Tilly has a defined route in the morning. One stop is visiting with neighbor dog Rivers.
3 dogs
Running by the river, on occasion we stop and make the acquaintance of new canines
A swim followed by rolling in the dirt provides a capstone experience.


dead scooter
I have never ridden a scooter. Can someone tell me about scooters? I see them abandoned in all manner of desolate places. Are they abandoned because the batteries have died? When you rent a scooter does it inform you of the battery charge level? When the battery dies does the machine stop abruptly? If a user repeatedly parks a scooter in forbidden places (blocking sidewalks) do the scooter companies have the capacity to block the user from renting?


spring morning
Spring mornings are a delight for the eye and nose. A low hemophagic critter index prevails but it is warm enough to volatilize a universe of scents.