100 days

The first 100 days, a turbulent atmosphere in which to be raising an animal.
tilly and eva hard to watch
Tilly is at 95 days, in a biting phase. Towel, newspapers, bills, cameras, people, rugs, toilet bowl brushes, brooms, Bibles, nothing is safe.
ProCamera CHO VA
And so the gentle efforts continue to adjust the little dog’s nature while leaving her spirit intact. Introduce her to the finer things.
Shumard Oak at Central library
Encourage her to be an active participant in community events (here listening to CHO City Councilors and Charlottesville Area Tree Stewards at Arbor Day event).
knocking on doors
Participate in local politics. National is riotous, local makes a difference.
I am having physical health issues. Dr. John Sarno would say I am having mental health issues. Maybe a combination of both.
dog and cat
I have Doctor appointments. Tilly has reality appointments, the continuing secondary socialization and inoculation to the wildness of the world. Pepe the cat hammers home the cat lives matter message.
best neighbor everr
Tilly learns to totally ignore the internal combustion engine with the help of most excellent neighbor Uncle Chuck.
Riverview Park
The water dog lessons continue with little advancement in attitude. Tilly has seen other dogs wet, she has fallen headlong into a neighbor’s fishpond (thankfully she held her breath while fully submersed).
dog in developer tray
So, much like her 100 day companion, Tilly takes baby steps, practices incrementalism. Someday she will be a water dog.
black and white lino
Her health has been good. Her appetite is Labradorian. Externally, she is good. But what of the inner dog?
Tilly w/ GB
We hang around Buddhas at every opportunity. Catching the middle way by proximity.
dog Buddha feet
Does the dog occupy a celebrated role in any religion?
Tilly GB
Working on it.

Sick puppy

visiting the veterinarian
In the rainy afternoon Tilly began exhibiting behaviors I’ve never seen in a dog, attempting, with no production, to pee and poop once a minute. Whining, walking rapidly, circling, assuming the position. When she vomited I loaded her in the car for a vet visit.
In the movie, Tender Mercies, Robert Duval’s character said “I don’t trust happiness.”
When Sophie was little, I bumped into the insufficiency of a puppy’s immune system when she had the fever of unknown origin, walked the edge of death for three days.
In Tilly’s case, seemingly the presenting problem is a raging urinary tract infection. On Amoxicillin now, feeling better.