Hollywood Cemetery

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Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond Virginia.



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yoda dog

I think I saw Yoda riding in a car.
“Luminous beings are we…not this crude matter.”



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ruth tisdale ravenel

Christmas is a bittersweet time, thinking about people missing from the table. Ruthie was one of William Bee Ravenel’s three daughters. She had a kind heart, loved dogs and pictures, was accomplished, wicked smart.


Canis lupus familiaris

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Ringo NoLA

objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.



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UPS man

Sophie is partial to the color brown


Riverview Park

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dogs walking their people

A dog will walk. No one complaining presently about the weather being hot and dry. This is a portion of the trail that circles Charlottesville.


E Street SE

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Street vendor, E Street and Potomac Avenue, Washington DC.The Dogs Rule Van


dies caniculares

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dog in chair

I am experiencing the privilege of caring for an old dog.


Loch Ness Sophie

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Town Creek

Sophie hangs in. Her frame shrinks and her tumors grow. She can’t do more than two stairs in a row. Her spine is visible. Muscle mass gone. A quarter mile now is a Very Long walk. But her will to live remains. Yesterday, imitating Nessie.

As I’ve said before, a dog can’t change the world but they can change your world. And if each of us can pass along even a fraction of the unmitigated, world changing love we receive from our dogs? Maybe we can see about that whole changing the world thing.–Will and Eko



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Chance the dog

Mike’s dog, Chance. He lost his sunglasses somewhere along Route 29

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