Loch Ness Sophie

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Town Creek

Sophie hangs in. Her frame shrinks and her tumors grow. She can’t do more than two stairs in a row. Her spine is visible. Muscle mass gone. A quarter mile now is a Very Long walk. But her will to live remains. Yesterday, imitating Nessie.

As I’ve said before, a dog can’t change the world but they can change your world. And if each of us can pass along even a fraction of the unmitigated, world changing love we receive from our dogs? Maybe we can see about that whole changing the world thing.–Will and Eko



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Chance the dog

Mike’s dog, Chance. He lost his sunglasses somewhere along Route 29


brown and white

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waiting for Dr. Handley

old dog old human visit Georgetown Veterinary. Wish we aged at the same rate.


spartina alterniflora and patens elysium

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sophie fishing bay

Sophie’s idea of heaven, Piankatank River, Fishing Bay, Gywnn’s Island in the distance.
Ospreys are headed north!


Sophie and Reggie

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Sophie and Reggie

Sophie used to find Reggie every morning. Now it is a struggle for her to walk the distance to Reggie’s house. We drove over for a reunion.



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cobra style drop lens and hood

the grim reaper walks her dog


Queen of Dogs

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Sophie yawns

A new day. Sophie yawns, checks jaw clearance.Sophie is 15 years old today.

30 x10208 px box



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three labradors

Stopped by Service Dogs of Virginia, making new friends. Service Dogs of Virginia is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that raises, trains, and places dogs to assist people with disabilities. Highly trained dogs perform a multitude of tasks that allow greater personal freedom and independence.


reminder for Helen

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Market Street Shisa

Some Okinawans believe the male has his mouth closed to keep bad out of the home, while the female has her mouth open to share goodness.–Wikipedia

Carter's Mountain

Carter’s Mountain


mandibular prognathism

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Toulouse the bulldog

Keeping an eye on the cat next door. Toulouse is a French Bulldog, a brachycephalic breed that exhibits notable mandibular prognathism. The word “prognathism” derives from Greek pro (forward) and gnathos (jaw).
Brachycephaly, from latin roots meaning “short” and “head”, is descriptive term for animals whose skulls or noses are shorter than typical for the species.Wikipedia.

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