Bass fishing in the afterlife?

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casket display

Big box stores have not gotten into the long box business. Around 7000+ people die everyday in the US, is that not enough of a market to interest the kings of retail?
Selling caskets would be a downer, depressing the sale of premium outdoor gas grills?

Micropterus salmoides

What message to send off with the loved one?
When this purchase comes it is not an easy day. Bypass this store, green burial is an option.


country litter

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no sure of the story here beyond dead

not sure of the story here beyond dead


Empty rooms

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offices of the Hook
also the name of a John Mayall album



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hook hallway
last edition of the Hook

Spencer and McNair
Goodle days. The long goodbye.

out of chaos, a product that you could hold in your hand

recognized by peers

where will they resurface, what will they write?

Enduring thanks to journalists Lisa Provence, Courteney Stuart, Dave McNair and Hawes Spencer


Valentine’s Day

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PLB photo by Chip Mitchell
Hearts full of love and sadness.


didelphis virginiana

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The possum shed


Odocoileus virginianus

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dead baby
Franklin Street. Still waiting for those pedestrian provisions.


Odocoileus virginianus

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Silent herd


Rest in peace

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gray emory coale


best practices

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We like to talk about zoning best practices. Some neighborhoods have more zoning “best practices” than others.
This is not one of those neighborhoods.

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