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Sewannee, University of the South

The Tigers were shut out 26 times in their 37 SEC games, and were outscored by a combined total of 1163–84.


tabloids 1991

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checkout lane tabloids

127 pounds, desert storm, oprah, vanna white. Changeless change


then and now

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CHO front yard 1989

In previous times one would see front yard displays, nostalgic dioramas in praise of the past. Concrete deer, wagon wheels…

I wonder if the front yard curators continue to feel the need to include the deer?

Do front yard curators continue to feel the need to include deer?


open for business

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public comment timer

October 19, 2015- Louisa County Board of Supervisors approved a conditional use permit to allow the open pit mining of vermiculite
in the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District.
The applicant for the zoning change is admired community wide as a good man.
The mining company has, in the past, done award-winning reclamation of a mining site.

So… What the hay?

The highlights of the decision to grant the CUP are on the web.
To cover the subtleties, the principal actors, the hard choices, the layers of compromise,
thousands of words and a fearless newspaper would be required.
The Louisa Comprehensive Plan executive statement, vision and goals recognize the national significance of the Green Springs district.
The Louisa County zoning code allows for the refusal of a CUP if it is not compatible with the surrounding area.

But what the hay.


more cow bell?

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Christian Bear Evangelists

I’ve lived in the South my entire life. I still see things I cannot explain.


the Cloud

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Tracey demonstrates an alternate cloud, not full of data. Smoke Brake Vapes 108 2nd ST NW


B.B. King

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Long long ago. U.Hall, Charlottesville, VA. 1971?


funerary practice

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Much custom involved with how to treat the dead. I can’t read hiragana. Found out months later the sign reads:
“If you trash garbage here, you are sentenced to five years’ penal servitude or
pay a fine of ten million yen under the law.
Moushi Hanashiro Family”

Arlington Cemetery

There are no signs in Arlington dictating behavior. We were dressed down by grave police for our behavior. The self appointed monitor accused us of being disrespectful. On the contrary, this is how we honor our dead.


dollar dollar dollar

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near Futenma, hiway 81

Dollar General DG, Family Dollar FDO, Dollar Tree DLTR.
Will Dollar Tree be able to fix Family Dollar?
Family Dollar shareholders approved a merger with Dollar Tree instead of rival suitor Dollar General.
Watch out you dollar people, roaring out of the east, the House of 66 cent!
I looked for an SNL skit where a customer complains about his less than a dollar purchase.
Old skit, from the eighties. Search turned up the more recent 39 cent


Bass fishing in the afterlife?

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casket display

Big box stores have not gotten into the long box business. Around 7000+ people die everyday in the US, is that not enough of a market to interest the kings of retail?
Selling caskets would be a downer, depressing the sale of premium outdoor gas grills?

Micropterus salmoides

What message to send off with the loved one?
When this purchase comes it is not an easy day. Bypass this store, green burial is an option.

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