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Pipe smoking, gun toting, barefoot, dead eyes, ragged clothes, sloppy, diffident, illiterate, ignorant, no problem.

ASHEVILLE – A Seattle-based company has purchased The Mountaineer Inn, Asheville’s iconic Tunnel Road motor court, for $6.1 million, with plans to refresh the 1939 motel and adopt it into its outdoor recreation-oriented brand.–Citizen-Times

The Appalachian region and its people have historically been stereotyped by observers, with the basic perceptions of Appalachians painting them as backwards, rural, and anti-progressive. These widespread, limiting views of Appalachia and its people began to develop in the post-Civil War. Those who “discovered” Appalachia found it to be a very strange environment, and depicted its “otherness” in their writing. These depictions have persisted and are still present in common understandings of Appalachia today, with a particular increase of stereotypical imagery during the late 1950s and early 1960s in sitcoms. Common Appalachian stereotypes include those concerning economics, appearance, and the caricature of the “hillbilly.”–Wikipedia

Changeless change

Chesapeake MIR
Yesterday I listened to a portion of a discussion from 2012 with NDS regarding the future of our neighborhood. Discomfort was expressed. Who knew what the future held? AI, MIR, DZO, Cville Plans Together. We had zero expectation of the rezoning of modest homes.
 "Since the city and consultants first introduced the Future Land Use Map in 2021, right up until the most recent pop-ups held by consultants and NDS on the Draft Zoning Ordinance (DZO), residents have asked for visualizations of what actual Charlottesville streetscapes could look like under the new regulations. Neither the city nor its consultants have obliged. We believe that while visualizations do not function as arguments for or against the DZO, they are an indispensable tool for residents trying to form an opinion on various aspects of the proposal. We have therefore prepared several simulated visualization of specific blocks in Charlottesville -- both to provide the tools that residents asked for and didn't get and to show that there was no difficulty involved in preparing visualizations that could have reasonably prevented a competent consultant or NDS department from providing them. You can find the videos below. We anticipate the we will add more over time. If you have an area for which you'd like to see a visualization, please reach out to us via email. Please bear in mind that the purpose of the videos is to help give viewers a concrete sense of height, massing and coverage. These are not architectural renderings or surveys and are necessarily approximate. We do not suggest that the generic 3D models we used are predictive of the architectural styles developers would use or that the blocks we simulate are more likely than others to be redeveloped."--A Nonymous

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dead scooter
I have never ridden a scooter. Can someone tell me about scooters? I see them abandoned in all manner of desolate places. Are they abandoned because the batteries have died? When you rent a scooter does it inform you of the battery charge level? When the battery dies does the machine stop abruptly? If a user repeatedly parks a scooter in forbidden places (blocking sidewalks) do the scooter companies have the capacity to block the user from renting?


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Is The Sandbox an NFT?
One of the most anticipated projects in the space is The Sandbox, an Ethereum-based video game that lets users own a piece of the world in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT)—and they can use those LAND parcels to develop custom games and locations, and even monetize them.Apr 27, 2022


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River Road Safeway, 1987, no barcodes, no scanners, no plexiglass, no card readers. Great people.