stake out

stonewall and the satellite dishes
The Commonwealth of Virginia vs. George Wesley Huguely, V continues in the Charlottesville Circuit Court, 315 High Street, Charlottesville, VA. Media have the entrances covered. Unobserved approach would be subterranean or under the cover of smoke or darkness.

view south on 4th street

150 years ago the cavalry had a knack for arriving where it was unexpected but technology has erased that advantage. Even Thomas Jonathan Jackson mounted on Little Sorrel can’t outflank the radio waves.

electronic occupy

WCAV Rachel Bryan
National and local media are queuing up for The Commonwealth of Virginia vs. George Wesley Huguely, V in the Charlottesville Circuit Court, 315 High Street, Charlottesville, VA.
The City is Very Organized on this one. TV perimeter is in place. There are assigned locations for stand-up news, a web page, an RSS feed, a 17 page, 4677 word Huguely Trial Media Plan document…

CBS Whit Johnson
NBC network has a magician working on their support staff. Most of the TV people (including CBS National network, reporter Whit Johnson above) have 81 square foot spaces roped off on the tree lawn on the south of High Street opposite the Circuit Court.
NBC has 900 square feet on the courthouse grounds, beneath 2 magnolias and a white oak.
(Note to City budgeteers. remember to designate money to pay for air-spading, watering and fertilizing all the trees that will be damaged by the electronic occupation.)

media liason office
Each morning of the trial, a representative from each media outlet must report to the Media Liaison Office at the Levy Opera House on High Street to pick up the Courtroom Day Pass for his/her media outlet. I love this office! In a stairwell of CHO’s 1852 Town Hall. Necessity is the mother…

brit the dog
Brit the Golden Retriever takes his morning constitutional down 4th Street, the designated area for satellite trucks.
On the South side of High Street opposite Circuit Court in the 81 square foot corrals, from west to east:
WSET Roanoke, WRC Washington, WBAL Baltimore, WVIR Charlottesville, WCAV Charlottesville, WTVR Richmond, CBS Network, HLN/CNN network, WWBT Richmond, WUSA Washington, WTTG Washington, WRIC Richmond, WJZ Baltimore, WMAR Baltimore, WBFF Charm City.

Off the record, the news people wonder if this is news.


Weldon Cooper CHO pop by nhood
The people at the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia have posted some fascinating information on demographic trends in the last ten years.
They did an extra fine job with the graphics, the information is readily accessible regarding population shifts, who is moving in, who is moving out. Shocking really.
In CHO, they say the average house price has doubled in the past ten years. Salaries sure haven’t.
And while people are moving into CHO and AlbCo, people in the Slabtown county are moving out.

boarded up house

pave paradise

Which transportation projects should Albemarle County and Charlottesville begin planning for now to make it easier for people to travel around the community in the future?–Sean Tubbs.
Charlottesville Tomorrow has the story on yesterday’s local confab regarding which roads the community builds next. The idea of paving Charlottesville, using it as an intersection between Albemarle County locations seems to have a lot of support. Planners want cars to be comfortable, not to be impeded in their daily course.

meter hookup
I live in a neighborhood built before the introduction of the automobile. The last couple of days have been delightful from a traffic point of view. The water main contractor has been inconveniencing drivers as they cut-through our residential streets, reducing their speed and their number.

Single-family residential zoning districts are established to provide and protect quiet, low-density residential areas wherein the predominant pattern of residential development is the single-family dwelling.

corner of Franklin and Market
The utility pole at this location and the stone wall on its right have been chunked down by oversized vehicles cutting the corner (see scrapes on the sign).

signs of transgression

Quercus phellos

Q phellos grove, CHO mall
Does anyone know the value of these trees? I heard that the timber at Ragged Mountain didn’t have much value, or more accurately, that the value of the Ragged Mountain trees would be realized by the low bidder on the earthen dam.
But what is the value of this downtown stand? What is the replacement plan? Maybe we could let the restaurants and vendors who lease this space sell the lumber to help defray their rental expense?
Have there been any reports from arborists that these juveniles are “in decline”? That is often the way the cutting begins.

there is a website for that

bad parking job
The Saluki, perhaps the oldest known breed of domesticated dog, doesn’t know how to park.
There is a website for the Saluki.
There is a website for this parking job.
The Internet is a vibrant place. Everyone agrees. And so it puzzling to run into the Stop Online Piracy Act disagreement. One of those disagreements between intelligent people that would require study to understand.
Someone please explain.
wikipedia blacked out
So, the website for the Saluki is dark today.
NYT Media decoders Carr and Stelter on the shutdown. “Might be a good day for Encyclopedia Britannica”–B.Stelter