Hudson River Greenway

Hudson River Greenway
Walked south on the Hudson River Greenway. The Charlottesville greenbelt is a very different walk. In Charlottesville the intersection of river and the land retains natural function plus native flora and fauna. There is communication going on between river and land. Loved walking the Hudson but the Rivanna has more to say.

Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials and Public Spaces

BRC worksession April 28
Mayor Signer and Vice-Mayor Bellamy are briefed by City Manager Maurice Jones. April 28th the Charlottesville City Council met in work session to hammer out details of a resolution to be considered May 2 at their regular session setting up a commission.
The resolution is available on the City’s website.
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that City Council does hereby authorize the creation of an ad hoc blue ribbon commission on race, memorials and public spaces and tasks the commission with the mission to provide Council with options for telling the full story of Charlottesville’s history of race and for changing the City’s narrative through our public spaces;