Clear Width

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sidewalk pole
The sidewalk on the east side of Meade Avenue is a five foot sidewalk but there are 19 obstructions to users of
that sidewalk between Meade Park and Meade Avenue’s intersection with High Street.
The sidewalk’s minimum width is 29”. The average obstructed width is 39”.


Sad Town

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Charlottesville Police Dept front door

People still looking for Hannah Graham. No joy in CHO.


TV News

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video camera
Charlottesville has lots of visitors in town bearing these things. How often does it happen?
Good journalism making its way through a lens?


walkable city

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The strip and curb, side of road = sidewalk. Is there a City official who has walked this thing?


Charlottesville Downtown Mall

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Uriah J Fields
Mr. Fields


above the fray

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McCormick Observatory
UVA students and parents are swarming the main grounds of UVA. A mile west, on top of Observatory Hill (aka Mount Jefferson?), nothing going on.
This is a timeless spot, a little bit shabby. No one is delegated to paint roses here. Leander McCormick Observatory


Jefferson Lodge #20

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1006 Forest Street. When I was growing up these masonry units were the height of style.



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the Chrysanthemum and the sword
I’ve been reading a book by Ruth Benedict. Wish we could raise her up from the dead
to write the story of class, race, politics and power in the little town of Charlottesville.


65th Annual Dogwood Festival Parade

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Buster Ball of Putt Putt
The annual Rorschach test, the Dogwood Festival Parade, took to the streets yesterday. What makes a parade? Fine looking people in uniforms, dresses, martial music, hillbilly music.

chip harding
Many of my favorite law enforcement officials and politicians participated in the parade.

pepsi figures
Buster Ball, the spokesphere for Putt-Putt was followed by the Mountain Dew can with hands. While employing images
that have a national profile many of the companies participating in the parade have deep local roots.
The Jessups of our local Pepsi had a long interest in Riverview.

Charlottesville is the crazy salad without trying.

Little Miss Scottsville
Little Miss Scottsville
Last year’s parade


Mike and Jada

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