city litter

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few leftovers

aftermath of lunch at Mel’s Cafe



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Should the City of Charlottesville honor “Lee-Jackson” Confederate generals day with a holiday? It’s a state holiday in Virginia. City Councilors say they want to hear from the public. Weigh in at council@charlottesville.org.

Sandy Hausman at WVTF covers ever evolving male trends, lumbersexual.


canopy street

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willow street NOLA
In 1975, under the leadership of Charlottesville Parks and Recreation director, Gene German,
George Briggs and Clare Byrd developed “Guidelines For A Street Tree Planting Master Program For Charlottesville Virginia”.

“Our peace of mind, our emotions, our spirit-
even our souls– are conditioned by what our eyes see.
There is a feeling abroad in this land today that ugliness
has been allowed too long, that it is time to say
‘Enough,’ and to act.”- Mrs. Lyndon Johnson
Opening remarks to a conference on Natural
Beauty called by President Johnson in the White House

(from the preamble to the plan,page vii)


Midterm election

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UR missing
Politics, Charlottesville style.


Clear Width

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sidewalk pole
The sidewalk on the east side of Meade Avenue is a five foot sidewalk but there are 19 obstructions to users of
that sidewalk between Meade Park and Meade Avenue’s intersection with High Street.
The sidewalk’s minimum width is 29”. The average obstructed width is 39”.


Sad Town

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Charlottesville Police Dept front door

People still looking for Hannah Graham. No joy in CHO.


TV News

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video camera
Charlottesville has lots of visitors in town bearing these things. How often does it happen?
Good journalism making its way through a lens?


walkable city

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The strip and curb, side of road = sidewalk. Is there a City official who has walked this thing?


Charlottesville Downtown Mall

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Uriah J Fields
Mr. Fields


above the fray

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McCormick Observatory
UVA students and parents are swarming the main grounds of UVA. A mile west, on top of Observatory Hill (aka Mount Jefferson?), nothing going on.
This is a timeless spot, a little bit shabby. No one is delegated to paint roses here. Leander McCormick Observatory

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