City Council

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matters from the public

I went to my first City Council meeting when I was 45 years old.


Monticello, Saunders Trail, VDOT, Route 20 South

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Saunders trail

Walked to Monticello this morning on the Saunders trail. Lots of pedestrians out. Encountered 114 people on the way up the mountain, 130 on the way down.

Saunders trail lot

People enjoy walking in a place where cars are disciplined and there is canopy overhead. The great paradox is that to find such a place they have to drive to it. The Saunder’s Trail Parking lot was packed.

bike hell

Long range City and County plans envision a bike ped connection to the Saunder’s trailhead. Meanwhile, from Charlottesville one must walk or bike 4000+ feet on the VDOT Route 20 South straightaway. A road that is a killing field for cyclists and walkers. There are no provisions for users other than motorists. The vehicles are in max velocity mode. Taching up for I-64, or in a post interstate frame of mind, four lane divided highway, high speed merges, go go go!


Panhandling Planter

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charlottesville downtown plantless planter

This planter near the “central place” of Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall seems to support fauna more often than flora.



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Look3, three days, three artists, photo-festival in Charlottesville. Exhilarating and exhausting.


Soth and Weegee

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Alec Soth and Weegee #look3festival


CHO Ambassadors

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dueling golfcarts

Two months after removing fountain-side benches in an effort to curb panhandling and alleged inappropriate behavior on the Downtown Mall, city officials say they are taking another step toward making Charlottesville a safe, welcoming place. City Councilors recently voted to adopt a Downtown Ambassadors pilot program–Laura Ingles

How is that program working out?


the Cloud

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Tracey demonstrates an alternate cloud, not full of data. Smoke Brake Vapes 108 2nd ST NW


Coragyps atratus

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vulture profile

The black vulture (Coragyps atratus) also known as the American black vulture, is a bird in the New World vulture family whose range extends from the southeastern United States to Central Chile and Uruguay in South America.–Wikipedia

vultures on the roof

Humans like to anthropomorphize animals. In that vein, the vultures are very mannerly. They wait their turn at the table.

vulture eying morsels

Density (check) City services (check) Food options (check) Walkability (not really a concern) Sustainability (check)

at the table

Connectivity (check) Mixed use and diversity (check) Traditional neighborhood structure (check) Smart transportation (check) Quality architecture and urban design (?)


Jefferson Lodge #20

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The Masons float, Dogwood Festival 2015. Masons in the year 2000


These gentlemen do gravitas effortlessly.


raining on the parade

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japanese umbrella

Rain falling on the 66th annual Dogwood Festival parade. Rain is better with friends.

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