Dividing Creek

traditional country store
On the way to Dividing Creek we pass this store. Old style. Organic. Presumably grew in response to the needs of the local population and the owners. Forty years ago “country stores” were prevalent, nowadays there is the WalMart.

land people water
I’ve been snapping a Thanksgiving picture for years. There were twenty people in the photo today but only seven repeats from twenty years ago. Whither the absent?
They are covered up, moved on, elsewhere, otherwise engaged and alone. For better and for worse.
The missing are all missed.


precinct with few citizens
It’s an off off year.
There are 2098 registered voters in the reconfigured Venable precinct. One-hundred and thirty-one of them showed to vote.
Visiting the polling place was like visiting a museum after hours.
If we had a referendum on the legality of party-porches, open containers and free BMW’s, traffic would pick up.
The University of Virginia makes little effort to house its students. And so, you end up with a precinct of students that don’t vote and a neighborhood that has largely abandoned civic participation.

Virginia State Board of Elections unofficial results


10' corrugated pipe
Route 29 & Hydraulic Road, 
Charlottesville, Virginia
• 2,000,000 square feet
• A mixed-use development located in award-winning Charlottesville, Virginia – the “Napa of the East Coast”
• An elegant mix of Main Street retail, residential living, Class A office, and boutique hotel
• Located at the intersection of Hydraulic Road and Route 29 – the major retail corridor of Charlottesville
• 61,000 CPD pass the site on Route 29/Seminole Trail
• 2 million tourists visit the area each year – wineries, golf, Monticello and UVA are the highlights.–The Shops at Stonefield, Edens & Avant


doing errands in the Capital City. Longing for the heyday of banking. These days it is as if a neutron bomb had been detonated, leaving the physical structures of the banks untouched but all the personnel gone. There is the bank, the money, the cubicles, but the staff has been reduced to Frosty and he is famously immobile. So the several of us waiting hatched a plan.
We unplugged Frosty.

The response was gratifying. The branch manager instantly appeared, spoke to us all. Checked on our health and that of Frosty. We laughed. We waited. The service was as expeditious as possible. We did business, left longing for the goodle days, before bank officers were replaced with inflatables, before quantitative easing, before securitization of mortgages, back back back to the days of silver coins, copper pennies, silver certificates and savings account passbooks.

(should any of you banking center types be lurking… while your boards of directors and CEO’s plundered the American economy, while we do not like you… you have great employees. Truly. Nice people to do bidness with. Hire more of them!)