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character acting

Battery fully charged. Moral compass deactivated..


Emma Emma Emma Landon Sophie

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dogs on sofa


1970 Nova

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355 cu in small block Nova


Shots and Works

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Jermaine “Flizzo” Clement of the film Flex Is Kings participated in the Look3 slide show Saturday night. Regarding Flex, NYT explains.


the photographers are coming

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Look3 here again. The photo tribe visits town. Yay.


cardiac T

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Charlottesville Downtown Mall. Shirt made in Asheville, NC.


lost in the funhouse

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If any of the family members go missing this weekend it is a good bet they are burning in new neural pathways,
trying to find the front door, trying to find their car, trying to find their way in and around Stonefield.

Neighborhood Style Development-Bringing the pleasures and convenience of urban life to the suburbs.–Edens

A riot of light, color, and modern building materials assembled to resemble legacy forms. A laying down of cataclysmic money. Many new McJobs.



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gizmo  [giz-moh] noun. Definition: gadget
Synonyms: appliance, contraption, contrivance, device, doohickey, instrument, machine, mechanical device, thingamabob, thingamajig, tool, whatchamacallit, widget



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The key is on the shelf by the window.


Star City

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Went west of Afton Mountain. Traveled to Roanoke with my friends from the Hook for the Virginia Press Association’s annual awards dinner. Hook staff won lots of prizes.
Stayed next-door to this building. The stay was less than 24 hours. Suffered no ill-effects.
(The Taubman Museum was designed by someone familiar with Frank Gehry’s designs).

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