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Old Harbor Road

Walking south on Old Harbor Road, with one foot you’re standing in Massachusetts, next step lands you in Rhode Island.
I’ve always been curious about this structure. Who built it? Why?



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NDS Director Alex Ikefuna, Montpelier

NDS Director Alex Ikefuna, Montpelier


web architecture

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spider night

orb-web spider.
Unlike most arthropods, spiders have no extensor muscles in their limbs and instead extend them by hydraulic pressure–Wikipedia


Frontage zone, the new ugly

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meter box

Our City embarked, some time ago, on a Code Audit and the “Streets that Work” plan. Staff, Boards, Commissions, Advisory Committees, many people involved. We’ve been visited by smart coders, enlightened engineers and other luminaries. The gradual transition to a lovely Commons is in process.
Since electrification at the beginning of the 20th C we’ve grown accustomed to the overhead infrastructure. The utility poles block our sidewalks, the wires divide the sky.
Stormwater and wastewater infrastructure was in the ground.
But oh, what is this? A handy above ground casket, looks like New Orleans.

30 x1028 px box

Used to be, the water meter was in the right of way, under the sidewalk, accessed by a meter cover (visible in Google’s 2008 Street View photo). The water meter has risen! Into a concrete box. Why?


pair formation

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Woolen Mills

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WM window sawtooth

In a work session the Albemarle County Planning Commission discussed the Charlottesville Woolen Mills property. Seems like they get it. The buildings and the location are a treasure. More than a place to make license plates. A property whose careful rehab and reuse could be pivotal in efforts to reconnect with the Rivanna River.


Torii redux

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house Rhode Island

Sonotube entry feature. What were they thinking?


architect designed?

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amateur or pro design?

I walked past this house in Providence RI. Was it designed by the homeowner? By an architect? I think it was desined by a 1970 Buick Estate Wagon interested in easy yard maintenance


strip mall backside

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albemarle square backside

the backside of this local mall is more interesting to look at than its front side


day of rest

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rocking chair

UVAHSC used to have an informal policy regarding pictures hanging in the hospital: “no pictures of empty chairs”.

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