birthday party

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Fourth of July celebration and naturalization ceremony at Monticello earlier today.
The years I’ve attended the candidates for naturalization stand on the stairs of the nickel porch,
a grand stage from which to step into citizenship.

The only problem, the angle of the July sun during the ceremony challenges attendees.

spectators shield themselves
Looking down is easier than looking into the sun.

hat people
They make these clever things called hats.

dog with sunglasses
The event at Monticello is beautiful, it is rich with memory and promise. It is free. It is highly recommended.
Monticello, Saturday July 4, 2015?
Note to self, hat & sunglasses.


day of rest

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route 3 sunrise
photo from earlier this morning.


Mollusk, Virginia

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Post office
Post Office


edge of town

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outskirts of Warsaw, Virginia



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The official boat of the Commonwealth of Virginia, who knew?
This this morning, 36 minutes after dawn, oyster time of year.


July 4

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biked up the mountain for the naturalization ceremony held at Monticello, the new citizens never disappoint.

new citizens


day of rest

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woolen mills sunday school picnic
Victoria Dunham and I are doing a presentation of the Woolen Mills Village and WM Neighborhood this afternoon. Arg. Some technology involved. HDMI, UDF, MP4, codecs. Crazy modern stuff.
I went for a walk in the brilliant morning light, in the graveyard. I know a lot of people in graveyards. In the memory business. In the learning business. Learning from the lives of others, learning from our own, it is important, joyful and simultaneously very very sad.
Talk is at Cville Coffee, 1500hrs.



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us 90 quincy FL
wish part of the “jobs” discussion involved rebooting Roy Stryker



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Polar Bears and Liberty

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US district court for the western district of Virginia held session at Monticello today and naturalized a group of new US citizens.

There were a lot of Coca-Cola bottles and logos in evidence.

citizens attended to sing and celebrate

local and network tv on hand to document the crazy salad.

We walked to Monticello past the homeless camps of Albemarle County and the beautiful remains of Mr. Jefferson’s liriodendron tulipifera.

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