horse race

Photo finish in the City Hall Basement Conference room. Media on hand to cover the opening of provisional ballots.

Councilmanic Democratic primary contenders Bellamy and Fenwick await results.

Election officials open envelopes, tally votes in local and state primary contests.

Wes Bellamy converses with media following the count. Lisa Provence has the story.

horse race

Last Tuesday’s Democratic Primary Councilmanic 2nd place tie supposed to be resolved today at 1330hrs, City Hall, basement conference room.


From the south side of the CSX tracks the new parking garage at City Walk looks like a data center for the cloud, no windows. The absolute lack of fenestration will be appreciated by residents of building 4, beginning to rise out of the ground south of the garage. The 332,728 square foot building 4 is slated to contain 230 “units”.


this the time of year when smart folk leave town and even smarter ones stay behind to rewrite laws and approve development projects.
These are random empty chairs. Once upon a time there was a guideline at UVA hospital discouraging paintings/photographs from being displayed in the hospital that depicted empty chairs.