big tent

nTelos Pavillion
The big tent in the little downtown. The tent blocks former mountain view but provides seating for political and musical events. Was this a custom tent or an off the shelf model?

winter prep

pavillion roof
Workers install snow ropes on the canopy of the Pavillion in preparation for winter weather. A safety feature for the the folk that later manually remove accumulated snow load.

lost in the funhouse

If any of the family members go missing this weekend it is a good bet they are burning in new neural pathways,
trying to find the front door, trying to find their car, trying to find their way in and around Stonefield.

Neighborhood Style Development-Bringing the pleasures and convenience of urban life to the suburbs.–Edens

A riot of light, color, and modern building materials assembled to resemble legacy forms. A laying down of cataclysmic money. Many new McJobs.

enough to save Battleground Virginia?

wood art by Michal Mitchell

With a slight, unexpected lift provided by Hurricane Sandy, Mother Nature’s October surprise, President Barack Obama appears poised
to win his second term tomorrow.–Center for Politics

To counter last minute boost from storm Sandy, Mitt Romney jumps on the nature bandwagon, announcing replacement of ticket-mate Paul Ryan with the Lorax.
Of the Lorax’s qualifications, Romney replied “He speaks for the trees”.


Years ago our transportation planner jokingly broached the option of building a moat around our little city.
The moat, to protect city residents from vehicles short cutting through their neighborhoods while cruising
from point A to point B in the surrounding suburbs.
Another possibility, convert the City to a gigantic high speed interchange.