Urban Design

Our City is currently involved in several urban design discussions simultaneously.
Are cities gender neutral? Our city, being Charlotte’s Ville. Maybe she can multitask. Talk about redesigning her central park and her bridge downtown and not cut off the wrong leg by mistake.
I have missed the bridge-design events & discussion. Watching the video by Dan Bluestone and Brian Wimer has me playing catch-up.

Why do we allow our bad things to happen to our cities? Why do we allow our cities to be designed by autos and fire engines?
Jim Kunstler talked a bit about the Law of Perverse Outcomes in his November 2011 “Eyesore of the Month”.


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  1. I like the way one crosses the road, only to end up in a flower-bed (leave shoes behind). Oh, now I see…one crosses to pee in the petunias (hence the drainage grates; hence the “privacy” wall).

    Comment by jim — 2012/02/27 @ 18:29

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