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Marha Roberts

My landlady, Martha Richford Roberts, photo circa 1910. I rented from her for three years in 1970’s, on Foster’s branch, a chestnut log cabin + 100 acres in the Southwestern Mountains, $100/mo. She called the place Roundabout. The rumor is that someone in the Dave Matthews organization owns it now. Dunno. Haven’t returned in 35 years.
Martha danced as a youngster. This photo titled “The Comet”, taken by Count Jean De Strelecki.
Martha wrote poetry and fed many cats. She had a housemate, Martha Mabel Moore.


  1. Wow. That is a strange and beautiful photograph.

    Comment by John — 2011/12/16 @ 11:08

  2. Oh to have a glimpse of young Martha!

    Comment by birdie — 2011/12/16 @ 14:17

  3. Wow wow wow– great pic! I love Jugendstil-era photos. Re dance, Isadora wasn’t quite in her prime yet, but lyric modernism was starting to creep into every facet of life.

    Comment by Victoria B Dunham — 2011/12/18 @ 11:41

  4. Martha Richford Roberts shared a home with my great aunt Martha Mabel Moore in Charlottesville, Virginia.
    They named their home Rondelay. My husband and I visited them in the late 70’s…..2 very delightful elderly women, who
    served us scuppernong wine, which we had never heard of. The entertained us and were perfect hosts.
    Yes, Martha Roberts was a dancer and a poet. She gave me a book of her poetry. She and my Aunt Martha, who were
    well into their 80’s at the time, loved Cher, of Sonny and Cher, and watched their weekly show religiously. Although my
    husband and I were married, they gave my husband a bedroom downstairs and I had a separate bedroom upstairs when we
    visited them. We found that quite amusing. I stumbled across this article late…October 2015, but I assure you it is the same
    Martha Richford Roberts. Where did you find the lovely photo of her? I often wondered what happened to her.

    Comment by Cheryl Moore Rossi — 2015/10/19 @ 23:20

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