Following screening of “Revenge of the Electric Car” Oliver Kuttner, CEO of Edison2, joined David Slutzky to talk about wheeled transportation.
Lets manufacture Kuttner’s car here. Take that pipeline money (pushing water up hill) and invest it in a company that understands conservation.


climbing in quercus canopy
Jason Pierce installs lightening protection in the canopy of an oak in Maplewood Cemetery. Ed Sykes has the story on channel 29.


I asked the Charlottesville Council candidates…

If your land-use and zoning preferences are followed into the future, in twenty years Charlottesville will look like ___________ (fill in the blank).

a. Charlottesville (1.3x density increase)
b. Alexandria VA (2x density increase)
c. Philadelphia PA (3x density increase)
d. Brooklyn NY (8x density increase)

None of the candidates answered the question in the format desired.
In fairness, this was the last part of a three part question and responses were cramped by a time limit.
Hoping the candidates will share their thoughts now.