catalytic converter and dolls
A slightly different explanation suggests that this flexible catchphrase has to do with discarding the essential while retaining the superfluous because of excessive zeal. In other words, the idiom is applicable not only when it’s a matter of throwing out the baby with the bath water, but also when someone might throw out the baby and keep the bath water.–Wikipedia

The doll in the middle looks familiar. Sophia and April both would find these when walking.


interior St Johns Chapel
funeral service for Henry Taylor held at St. John’s Chapel in the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District. Afterwards, people retired to Henry’s house (pictured on the National Park Service page-link above.

Bitta, pointer
Henry always had a dog. This is Bitta, 16 years old. Blind in one eye. At the front door of Westend, waiting, like Argus, ready to run.