show of hands

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I would like everybody in this room who loves the Rivanna to raise their hand, it's pretty much unanimous...I feel like I am being Jack Jouette again, you've got to save the river--Fran Lawrence


  1. dollars to donuts that guy on the right is trouble

    Comment by a mouse — 2011/03/08 @ 13:42

  2. Doesn’t seem to think too much of the Rivanna River, that’s fo sho.

    Comment by Victoria — 2011/03/08 @ 21:14

  3. I think that is one of developer RL Beyers boys, they have been tag teaming city meetings for months speaking against an effective steep slopes oridance. Scot and Paul, developer wunderkind

    Comment by stepanian — 2011/03/09 @ 09:55

  4. Even that wrecking-ball lovin’ lawyer on the other side of dah room had her hand raised to that question…Is demogagic the word to describe this moment?

    Comment by C Lewis — 2011/03/22 @ 17:35

  5. […] this bad idea. Riverview Park and Darden Towe Park are our community’s only gateways to the Rivanna River. Not good locations for sewage infrastructure. To petition the Board of Supervisors on this issue […]

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