true grit

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True Grit
Hi, my name is Serena and I am here on behalf of dredging
because even a fourth grader can handle this stuff.
I think dredging is a good idea because:
1- It can hold more storage
2- dams can block river life
3- We can reuse the soil that the machine sucks up for our plants
4- It is an easier and quicker way to get water.
Thankyou, I hope my research has helped.--SC


1. grim; unfriendly; hostile; sinister: his forbidding countenance.
2. dangerous; threatening: forbidding clouds; forbidding cliffs.


Early December, there was mention at a press conference about a “vocal minority”.

Everyone at this table is well aware that there has been, what I would characterize, as a vocal minority in the community pushing against what is the community’s approved water supply plan.–JW
We don’t profess that there is unanimity in the community, but there is consensus. There seems to be a pretty active effort that I say borders on disinformation, to distract people from this great opportunity that we have.–TH

Last night, local water lady Betty Mooney asked members of that “minority” to stand up during a Council meeting.

new year

I know the T. Wolfe rule , you can’t go home again. And so, tried to snap this house one last time. Home of my step-dad. North bank of the James River, under a dense arboreal canopy, within earshot of the trains. It’s been a place of stability, comfort, beauty, work, love. He raised a family here early on. More recently, the past decade, this the home for an older married couple.
Oh lost!