birthday dog

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Sophia’s 11th birthday yesterday. Walked a new neighborhood. Barked. Skillfully manipulated humans. With a cursory glance, people think she is a young dog. Closer study tells another story. She has lipomas all over, an issue shared by many old Labradors. She tires physically before her enthusiasm runs out. She has grey fur on her feet and muzzle. She has a measure of pain.


Rivanna Pumping Station

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At their January 25, 2011 board meeting, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority heard from four members of the public regarding proposed improvements to the Rivanna sewage pump station. RWSA's Tom Frederick provides an introduction to the comments.

Frederick Intro
Ewing comment
Hayes comment
Chester comment
Emory comment
Frederick summary

Photo above illustrates the proximity of the pumping station to residences.

Audio clips above pulled from the complete podcast of this board meeting available at Charlottesville Tomorrow

Information from RWSA regarding pumping station project



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minor snowfall in Charlottesville, Virginia. Residents flee. Newspaper editor Hawes Spencer stays behind to provide coverage.


riding with Gautama

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A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
(45% of the royalties for the song are donated to the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, because, in Seeger’s own words, “[in addition to the music] I did write six words)–Wikipedia


T. Wolfe

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He felt suddenly the devastating impermanence of the nation. Only the earth endured--the gigantic American earth, bearing upon its awful breast a world of flimsy rickets. Only the earth endured-- this broad terrific earth that had no ghosts to haunt it.--T Wolfe


time machine

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Quincy, Florida, 1980



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1. a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; herald.
2. anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign: Frost is a harbinger of winter.
3. a person sent in advance of troops, a royal train, etc., to provide or secure lodgings and other accommodations.–Dictionary.com


Ragged Mountain

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Walked the trail around the lower Ragged Mountain reservoir yesterday.

Some signs of geotechnical activity.

House to be submerged?


Hot Bodeez

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Did some photos on local government yesterday. Very depressing to site traffic numbers. Maybe hot bodeez will help?

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