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smoking on the Ferry, get on the back of the bus, ok to discriminate based on behavior

I have never been to Martha's Vineyard. Someday, hope to visit there, observe the people in all their glory. Sit in the Kennedy's yard and admire the windmills.


day of rest

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st john's episcopal, 1843, somewhere on the Northern Neck of Virginia

St. John's Episcopal Church, 1843



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south carolina painter walter greer
Walter Greer


Fall River, Massachusetts

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rusted Charles Braga bridge over Mt Hope Bay
Iron oxides yield pigments. Natural iron oxides pigments are called ochres. Many classic paint colors, such as raw and burnt siennas and umbers, are iron-oxide pigments. These pigments have been used in art since the earliest prehistoric art known, the cave paintings at Lascaux and nearby sites. Iron (III) oxide is typically used.–Wikipedia
There are many uses for oxides of iron. When I am driving across a bridge, I prefer the metal, if it’s thinking, to concentrate on its structural properties rather than reflecting on the value of rust.



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Stolichnaya, wheat and rye, a cat, a walker, food, a bed, a book



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www.truckdiscountmart.com sign, I-81, Pennsylvania
The American film industry elevated the the status of the herder, the man whose job was to follow in the dust and dejection of the beeves. The coke-poke. Elevated him to demigod, symbol of freedom, Haliaeetus leucocephalus in human form.
Will we witness the apotheosis of the trucker? See idealized portrayals of teamsters traversing the super slab? The freedom, the brake dust, the high and fast view…
Live feed of the BP spew.



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sandals, footwear

footwear for the herd


day of rest

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front yard, Woolen Mills Road

Sat still for a rotation of the earth. Saw the sun rise and set. Watched fauna range about.
Sat very still. Sat on the porch. Robin fed me. In Grace.


good intentions

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vast sheet of asphalt, serving no purpose other than environmental degredation

Short 18th Street


West Main Street

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Ride of Silence, Charlottesville, May 19

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