4th and Main

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ghost bike memorial. Charlottesville.



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moth lampshade
How thick is the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico?
In the Obama White House, are moths able to follow his O’ness back inside after he has a smoke?
Does the Oval Office have French doors.
Does the Secret Service eliminate insects?


in praise of duct tape

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inch and a half chrome low pressure double sink drain

what exactly can it not do?



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home of the architect


day of rest

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Our Father’s Wheelbarrow

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wheelbarrow in a field, April 17, 2010

in this case, the wheelbarrow of life


Quercus michauxii

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swamp chesnut oak, new leaves
juvenile leaves, swamp chestnut oak


Earth Day

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river cleanup sponsored by Rivanna Conservation Society

One of the goals of the clean water act was to ensure that surface waters would meet standards necessary for human sports and recreation by 1983. In Virginia we have been talking about the the value of state waters for awhile.

To the end that the people have clean air, pure water, and the use and enjoyment for creation of adequate public lands, waters and other natural resources, it shall be the policy of the Commonwealth to conserve, develop and utilize its natural resources, its public lands and its historic sites and buildings.
Further, it shall be the Commonwealth’s policy to protect its atmosphere, lands and waters from pollution, impairment or destruction for the benefit, enjoyment and general welfare of the people of the Commonwealth.–Constitution of Virginia, Article 11

Alex Epstein has written about canceling earth day. There is an idea. Hey Alex? How about going for a swim in Moore’s Creek?

more Charlottesville videos by wakethinkact



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old dog in an old chair. the old man's old chair
I grow old . . . I grow old . . .I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.–T.S.Eliot

Sophia’s age-mate Rita died yesterday. Great sadness.

Rita and Elaine


excellence, heart, injury

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Sophie used to retrieve on land. She can’t do that anymore. She goes at it too hard. Adapted that to plain running. Me on a bike, Sophie running alongside. That is out now, she goes lame, the impact aggravates her arthritis. The only place she is free now is in the water.

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