Sophie and Reggie

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Sophie and Reggie

Sophie used to find Reggie every morning. Now it is a struggle for her to walk the distance to Reggie’s house. We drove over for a reunion.


without fear of hematophages

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winter woods

last year I got fed on by my first tick March 1. Not a problem in 2015. This pathway is in the floodplain of the Rivanna River.


Cabell Hall

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troopers and Secret Service on the roof

State troopers and secret service scan the UVA graduation crowd, 1981. George Herbert Walker Bush was in his first term as Vice President. Can’t remember what he talked about that day.
I have squirrels on my roof sometime.
If you can dig up text of the speech, please send my way.


little brown birds

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True sign of being a geezer. Enjoying birds more than live amplified music.


sign spinner

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Mannequin- n. 1.
a styled and three-dimensional representation of the human form used in window displays, as of clothing; dummy.
Two years ago there was a real human spinning the sign, now they have a dummy.


got work?

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E Market Street

did anyone call? Wondering if this method panned out.


Failed jetty, Town Creek

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What damages the boards, time + Teredo navalis? (the naval shipworm, not really a worm…)

30 x1028 px box

Photoshop everywhere, some places more obvious than others.


Keysers Cove

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stream in winter

Bernard had the cove dredged in the 60’s, built a little boathouse for his similarly sized dead rise. Years passed. The cove got shallower, Bernard got older. Geese took over, Bernard died. Wind blew all the water away. A polite snow fell. Tomorrow it all starts over.



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Jim Orr

Photo people inbound. Looking at pictures from February 2014. This my childhood friend, singer, song-writer, bass player Jim.


Town Creek

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Town Creek frozen

two days maintaining power company connection, white pine v utility pole, white pine won

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