kathy galvin, CHO Council candidate
Politics in our ten square mile pond is fascinating. In the big water, state, national, there is a money at play. But in the little pond, it’s about vision, quality of life, having principals and living by them, wanting to make your home better.
But the little water, it boils faster, it freezes faster, it can go from clear to turbid in an instant.
How many people will announce for the three seats on Charlottesville City Council up for grabs? I’ve been asking. One respondent said “I will try to think of a number high enough”.
Lots of choices.
(Pictured above, Kathy Galvin announcing her candidacy May 18, 2011. Charlottesville tomorrow has the story and the audio.


AlbCo supervisor ken boyd, executive tom foley
In dealing with the State, we ought to remember that its institutions are not aboriginal though they existed before we were born: that they are not superior to the citizen: that every one of them was once the act of a single man: every law and usage was a man’s expedient to meet a particular case: that they all are imitable, all alterable; we may make as good; we may make better. Society is an illusion to the young citizen. It lies before him in rigid repose with certain names, men, and institutions rooted like oak trees to the centre, round which all arrange themselves the best they can. But the old statesman knows that society is fluid; there are no such roots and centres but any particle may suddenly become the centre of the movement, and compel the system to gyrate round it as every man of strong will like Pisistratus or Cromwell, does for a time, and every man of truth like Plato, or Paul, does forever. But politics rest on necessary foundations and cannot be treated with levity.– Politics Ralph Waldo Emerson