Rick Caul

Rick Caul died 48 hours ago, Wednesday, March 20, 6:50 pm. He fought for his life the past couple of years.
Ricky was the machine king, an artist of repair. He fixed with insight, economy and speed.
Ricky had a stern presentation but scratch the surface…
…he had a big heart. He was a generous man to work with, patient with those less skilled than he.
Ricky was a family man, he loved his wife and his boys.

I am deeply grateful to Adrian Pols to have had the chance to work at Eastham Engineering for seven years.(Auto Tecnika) Rick was a master mechanic. Adrian is a diagnostician without equal. They made a great team.
Rick got the job done.

the power of the law

David Neal JD center
David Neal, Senior Attorney, Southern Environmental Law Center, Chapel Hill Office. Seated between Al Gore and Queen Zakia Shabazz. Mr. Neal spoke at the 2/19/19 Moral Call For Ecological Justice in Buckingham event.